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"Bri did an amazing job on our trash can! I highly recommend her."


"Great job and worth the money! I didn’t even know I needed this service and now I know I will use it again. Good idea for a business plan, Bri! Keep it up....sounds like you have a lot of satisfied customers!"



"I highly recommend B's Trash Bin Cleaning service. She is so professional, thorough, and does an amazing job. I hate to say this but my trash bin was beyond disgusting and I never would have thought in a million years it would look and smell new. Well I will tell you it's like new and I will continue to use her service and I am referring my neighbors and all those in this area. Check her service out."


"I would definitely recommend her service! She was very polite, kept me update when she was picking them up and let me know when she dropped them off! They were nice and clean and had no lingering scent! I will be using her service again!!"